Custom compositions are pivotal in drawing the emotions out of the user. To get the best use of the limited time you have with your user, regardless of the project, you need customised audio that coincides with the visual. As a composer; I offer my 14+ years of playing guitar in multiple styles, listening, analysing and understanding what each genre has to offer. I have my favourite genres to compose in but I will always compose in the style that I see fit to your project. 

One of the hardest tasks that a composer has to take on are the strict deadlines. I've managed to recently participate in timed game jams, enabling me to work to a strict deadline as well as produce quality work. As you can see in my portfolio, some of my work was able to take high placings due to the quality being high, regardless of the time strain. Also throughout my university degree I had numerous deadlines to stick to, but I was still able to plan efficiently and get an end result I was happy with. 

As a composer I want to be apart of your project. I'm passionate about games, and I love playing them. I want my music to be the soul of the character and I want the user share the emotions I portray in my music. 

"Every music and SFX tells an entire story through Sean's hands."

Welliton Souza, Wellzitu

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"Sean Garavan is one of the most talented audio artists I have ever worked with."

George Garcia, Akusan

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Remote Musician

At aged 7, I began playing the guitar and swiftly started my route to being an accomplished guitarist. I am qualified with Grade 8 Rockschool guitar, as well as completing performance modules as part of my degree. I'm able to perform/compose in the styles of Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock as well as improvising lines/solos. I can comfortably sight read standard notation, so there is no need to TAB out music for me. I can also learn songs by ear if you are not able to provide written music. More importantly, the 'remote' part in my title means I'll record the guitars from my own studio and send them to you! As part of my degree, I learnt recording techniques, as well as the ability to edit and manipulate material. If you feel your latest work needs a touch of human to take it to the next level then get in contact with me here

"I remember listening to the music he made and the acoustic guitars really got my attention"

Gustavo Coutinho, AbraSounds 

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Howls Moving Castle Classical Guitar Dry - Sean Garavan
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Howls Moving Castle Classical Guitar Post Production - Sean Garavan
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Gibson USA Les Paul Dry - Sean Garavan
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For the Sun Acoustic Guitar Dry - Gustavo Coutinho - AbraSounds
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For the Sun Acoustic Guitar Post Production - Gustavo Coutinho - AbraSounds
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Sound Design

Ever since joining the game industry, it quickly became apparent to me; there are a lot of composers and not many sound designers. With my knowledge in recording and sound manipulation, I thought I would put sound design under the services I offer with my composition. If your game has a small budget and you're scraping the last pennies for sound, then my service as both a sound designer and composer could be perfect for you. I have additional qualifications: pro tools 101 and pro tools 110, which certify that I am of a certain capability to utilise pro tools (the industry standard software for audio), as well as completing  Thinkspace education's Sound Design Pro course, concentrating on manipulation of audio and synthesis. Another service I offer is the integration of the audio into your game. I have limited experience with Fmod integration into a 3D unity project. Although my experience is limited, I am soon starting extra courses to bring my integration knowledge up to industry standard, making me a valuable asset to your programmer!

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