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Rebrand audio

I was invited to Rock Fall to join them on their rebrand. They gave me the task of creating an original upbeat track to enhance their customers on the phone hold time. The folks at Rock Fall taught me about the core values the company holds and they would like to see this reflected in the music. Below is the music segment I created for Rock Fall. The first demo was given to Rock Fall within 2 days and then 2 requests were made throughout the development of the track. The complete track was finished within 2 weeks. On top of this, Paul requested I also do the voiceovers giving the customer information about their products. Below is what Paul had to say about working with me on this project. 


“We were introduced to Sean after asking a business connection if they knew anyone to work with us on our ideas for a brand sound and supporting material. They were so confident about Sean and we can completely see why. The process has been effortless for us, he took the time to visit us, understand the brief and learn a little bit about what makes us unique as a business. His outputs are second to none and we would, without hesitation, recommend him to other businesses. We have no doubt that we will work with Sean again in the future."


 Paul Wilson, Marketing Manager, Rock Fall.

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