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Music & Sound effects


Oye Tippa Run! is a mobile game available now on both iOS and Andriod devices. It follows a boy who has missed the bus to school and has to make his own way there. On his journey he encounters many of the real world dangers. The game tackles these issues by educating the user (aimed at children) on how you should be safe on the roads. 


I created over 49 sound effects, with a combination of preexisting source material or material I went and recorded myself. I also composed 4 original upbeat tracks to set the mood for the game. I used a mix of recorded guitars along with virtual instruments.  

The videos below are the official game trailer of Oye Tippa Run, where I created all the audio including the introduction SFX. The other video is a testimonial from the lead designer on the game - Pranshul Chandhok from Greykernel - on his experience working with myself.



oye tippa run 2.jpg
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