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Music & Sound effects

For Owin's Expedition I had the task of creating looping music tracks for the title screen as well as the gameplay. On top of this was 40+ SFX to fit with the games fast paced nature. Below is a link to a selection of the SFX as well as the two songs created for the game. 


Owin's Expedition is a fresh take on the infinite runner genre - a game that looks deceptively easy and childish but is actually quite difficult. Along with obstacles, you also face enemies with a wide array of attack patterns and timings. To deal with the forces of the mysterious forest, you have a range of weapons and supermoves to choose from, each of which can be picked up during the run and loaded with elemental ammo for greater effect!
Dodge, attack, survive for as long as you can and climb up the global leaderboards!

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