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Testimonial 1 - Guitar Tuition

Sean has been providing my daughter with guitar lessons for the last two years on a weekly basis. 

I have always found Sean very professional in his manor and approach to both communicating in lesson with my daughter and communication with myself with regards to lesson times, dates etc. Sean is extremely encouraging without being patronising, he also understands the needs of the student in terms of their learning style and their interest in current music. When we first started my daughter wanted to do grading but soon realised this wasn't for her and Sean adapted to this very easily. In recent months my daughter has really come on in her ability which resulted in her and her friend (who also receives lessons from Sean) performing at a family party, something which I don't feel she would have been confident soon without the support and encouragement from Sean. 

Value for money: 
The lessons are great value for money and it is one hobby/interest that I have never begrudged paying as my daughter really enjoys her lessons and has come so far with her music. 

Overall satisfaction: 
Overall myself and my daughter are more than satisfied with the service Sean provides, he is a natural musician who's very talented and someone that anyone any age can aspire to or learn from."

Leigh, parent of student.

Testimonial 2 - Guitar Tuition

"Sean has been teaching my 9 year old son Thomas the guitar since March 2017. Thomas has one half an hour session a week, and learnt more in the first few lessons than we had trying to teach it ourselves since the previous Christmas and Thomas continues to learn. Sean has built up a great rapport with Thomas and his teaching skills with him are second to none, which makes Thomas want to learn and practice. Sean keeps us well informed and I would highly recommend Sean to others."

Jane, parent of student.

Testimonial 3 - Guitar Tuition

"My Daughter has been coming to Sean for guitar lessons now for over 18 months now. We have used other teachers in the past but much prefer Sean's approach, his methodical patient style makes sure my daughter has understood everything, and makes her feel comfortable asking questions.

Thanks for being a great teacher Sean, we look forward to many more years of lessons with you."

Mark, parent of student.

Testimonial 4 - Remote Musician

"I met Sean via Twitter. We talked a bit about being a music composer for games and all the hustle of the job. I remember listenning to the music he made and the acoustic guitars really got my attention. He was always nice to talk to, had the means and skills to record a good acoustic guitar sound, so by the time I needed some, I decided to talk to him. It's always nice to bring other people into your music, they always bring a bit of fresh air to it. And Sean made a wonderful job, which I definitely recommend!"

Gustavo Coutinho, AbraSounds - Composer

Testimonial 5 - Composer & Sound Design

"I met Sean in a game development group and with his first music tracks for our project, he already proved to me that he has got a lot of talent. Whilst in the development stages of our award-winning game 'Shine', he gave a deep emotional direction for the game that granted an intense gameplay, touching our players with a memorable experience. Every music and SFX tells an entire story through Sean's hands."

Welliton Souza, Wellzitu - Game artist/developer

Testimonial 6 - Composer & Sound Design

"Sean Garavan is one of the most talented audio artists I have ever worked with. We worked together on Fade (No Excuses game jam champion, #2 in CFN Halloween game Jam). His passion for his art and unyielding determination is what sets him apart from other musicians. I can see why his CFN game Shine won 1st place, it's because of his skills, talent, passion, and drive to achieve excellence. Any team he works with will surely benefit from his music. Would definitely not hesitate to work with him again."

George Garcia, Akusan - Game designer/coder

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