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Composition, SFX & Audio designer

In August 2018, a theatre company called 'Smoking Guns Theatre' got in contact with myself to talk about their new project. The project was a theatre show based around the RPG 'Dread'. Developing this show with the guys was a great learning experience for myself. I got to grips with new software (Qlab) as well as understanding the needs of a theatre show where audio is involved. I created 7 adaptable music compositions, that could be changed in intensity and arrangement live! This was the hardest adaptive music I've had to create so far but it came out exactly how I imagined when first hearing about the project. I also delivered around 50 SFX to compliment the music in the show to make it as realistic as possible. It was also good fun learning Qlab and coding the show so that Smoking Guns technical manager could easily understand and adapt the show live.   

Dread Example 2.png
Dread Example 1.png
Dread 2.png
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